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lama-63057_481x230Peru is a southamerican country with a rich heritage of history, traditions, archeology, gastronomy, mystique, ethnical diversity, natural biodiversity and cultural values, full of mystery and magic, that transports  visitors along different civilizations and ancestral cultures, along the coast, the Andes, and the Amazon jungle, that enchants with its traditions, its people, its gastronomy, its diversity of folkloric dances, costumes and dialects so different in each of its regions, the visitor experiences so many contrasts during a trip,  and in the background, the amazing beauty of the Andes landscapes, the natural biodiversity of the Amazon Jungle, the beauties of its coastal deserts and beaches,  no matter how many times you visit Peru, or how many books you read about this country, there is always a new place to discover, to experience, new cultural values, new enigmas and mysteries that make your imagination fly as high as the “Condor”, the more you learn about Peru, the more you love this country, to the point that, as soon as you are leaving it, you are already planning your next visit, because you can never exhaust the destinations you can visit in this country.

machu2-59307_481x230And this where Paseos Peru comes in,  we are the means to fulfill all your expectations  and make the best of your visit.  Let us introduce ourselves and tell you a little about us.    Paseos Peru is a company belonging to the Paseos Group, integrated by two companies:  Paseos Amazonicos and Paseos PeruPaseos Amazonicos is a company with more than 35 years of experience, which has developed its trajectory in the Peruvian Amazon jungle, as one of the first companies to introduce adventure tours in the Peruvian jungle of Iquitos (Loreto), being the owner of three lodges located strategically in different ecosystems along the Amazon river : the Sinchicuy Lodge, the Tambo Yanayacu Lodge, and the Tambo Amazonico Lodge.  During its existence, Paseos Amazonicos has always supported environmental conservation and contributed with the native Amazon communities.  Environmental conservation is a characteristic people2-60545_481x230of all our programs, tours and facilities.  Now, through Paseos Peru, the Paseos Group  extends its horizons and diversifies its products, offering all of Peru, under the same standards of quality, environmental conservation and social responsability that have always characterized us throughout our entire existence.

Please honour us with your visit to Peru, and let Paseos Peru take care of all your arrangements, while you enjoy an experience you will never regret.

Yours truly,